Retired NORAD officer, Stanley A. Fulham predicted there would be a massive worldwide UFO event on October 13th.  On that day fleets of UFOs were supposed to hover above all of the world's major cities.  

Well, it's been a week since that day has come and gone and no such display has occurred.  Of course, the usual retinue of apologists have come forward claiming sightings over New York City and San Francisco.  Unfortunately, these random sightings fall far short of the promised display.  To be fair to Mr. Fulham, he did state the date he gave was tentative due to possible unforeseen circumstances.  However, he did confirm the event would definitely transpire in 2010.  So the countdown begins, again...  

While we wait, a little food for thought:

As we all wait with baited breath to see if the much rumored alien arrival slated for this Wednesday, October 13th pans out, rest assured that the UN  has the situation covered - sort of.

This blog is designed to keep the general public abreast of the work being done at the California Center for Parapsychology and Paranormal Research.  In addition to my own research, I will be tracking interesting developments in the news.  

One recent event of note was Monday's press conference in DC:

Countries around the world have been declassifying UFO documents/files over the past few years.  Here is a brief listing of some of those nations:


Also, a number of formerly classified US files have been made public through the Freedom of Information Act.

What all this means is anyone's guess, and their are many out there with varying theories as to why and why now.  Needless to say, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Many are heralding October 13, 2010 as a date to mark our calendars.  From a retired NORAD officer warning us earlier this month that  a global UFO display may take place on this date,

to world renown scientist, Stephen Hawking, telling us to beware any such impending extraterrestrial contact.
I'm taking a wait and see attitude for the moment.  And with October 13th just around the corner, it won't be much of a wait.  At least it's not a Friday.